How to spend $5 billion

New York State is in the process of collecting more than $5 billion in fines and penalties from financial institutions accused of violating state or federal laws.

What should the state do with this unprecedented windfall? That’s one of the biggest questions facing Governor Cuomo and the Legislature in early 2015.

The Empire Center has been out front with an answer: invest in infrastructure, especially highway and bridge reconstruction work, which has become too reliant on borrowed money and is in danger of becoming seriously underfunded...

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There goes the windfall?

Governor Cuomo would allocate less than 30 percent of a huge budgetary windfall for transportation capital needs—a big disappointment.


Cuomo: make tax cap permanent

Great news for local taxpayers: Governor Cuomo has pledged to make his tax cap permanent.

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Open(ish) Erie

Erie County has put its expenditure "checkbook" online. With a few improvements, it could be a model for other local governments.

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