NY's leading export

Since 2000, New York has lost nearly 2 million residents to other states. This domestic migration outflow, which dates back to the 1960s, is a major reason why the Empire State is about to fall from third to fourth place in national population rankings, behind California, Texas and Florida.

The Empire Center closely tracks demographic trends, on both a statewide and regional basis, as the ultimate indicator of the state's attractiveness as a place to live, work and raise a family.

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Pension fund return falls short

Subpar investment earnings by New York State's largest public pension fund in fiscal 2015 are a timely fiscal reality check.


The cap-buster count, 2015 edition

A record low 18 school districts sought to override New York State's property tax levy, and only nine got the supermajorities they needed.


Senate moves to erase Silver Sunset

The state Senate's Republican majority is standing behind its pledge to make New York's property tax cap permanent.