NY's School Bond Boondoggle

This Election Day, Nov. 4, New Yorkers will be asked to approve Proposal 3, which would allow the state to issue $2 billion in bonds to finance the purchase by school districts of devices such as iPads and other computers; expand high-speed and wireless Internet capacity; install “high-tech security features”; and build new classrooms for pre-kindergarten programs. New York should think hard before supporting this costly and costly and wasteful proposal, which will force schools to spend more on items they don't even consider priorities.

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Questions for NY state pension fund

New York's state and local pension system is well-funded by U.S. public pension standards--but that's not as impressive as it may sound.

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Court spoke; did Albany listen?

Is New York State abiding by the Harris v. Quinn ruling?

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School officials divided on bond

The head of the state Board of Regents says local school officials are "all over the map" on a proposed state school bond act, with many planning to vote against it.

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