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New Yorkers Shipping Out, Report Shows

January 09, 2007

On the heels of new Census data showing the Empire State lost nearly a quarter-million residents within the past year, a major moving company says New York was one of the nation's leaders in "outbound" moves during 2006.

In its annual migration study, United Van Lines reported making 10,354 outbound shipments from New York last year-fourth highest behind California, Texas, and Florida.

Of United's 17,394 total moves in New York, 59.5 percent were out of state-well above the national outbound average of 50.4 percent. Though the Empire State percentage decreased slightly from 59.8 percent in 2005, New York moved from fourth to third in the nation behind North Dakota, Michigan, and New Jersey in the percentage of outbound moves.

Census data released in late December showed New York was third in the nation last year in population loss to other states. Only California and hurricane-ravaged Louisiana lost more residents.

The new United Van Lines figures reinforces that Census data, indicating homeowners are leaving New York at a rate exceeding the average in surrounding states and nationally, as reported in the Empire Center's latest Research Bulletin.