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Why We Need a Tax Cap

June 13, 2011

A broad, tight cap on local property taxes is a central element of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s agenda for making New York State more affordable and competitive. The governor’s tax cap has passed in the state Senate with strong bipartisan support. Its fate will ultimately be decided in the state Assembly.

For more on the proposal, see the Empire Center's Special Report, "The Case for a Cap."

On May 24, Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver unveiled a compromise tax cap bill that preserves key elements of the governor's original proposal.  For a more detailed analysis of that compromise, see this blog post at

Meanwhile, at its SeeThroughNY transparency website, the Empire Center has released an Internet-based tool allowing taxpayers to compute and compare total school district, municipal and county tax burdens in thousands of communities across the state.

The Empire Center also issued a summary report ranking the “Top 20” and “Bottom 20” effective tax rates in every region of the state, along with a ranking of effective tax rates in cities. The rankings are based on data from the state comptroller’s office.


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