GOP health plan doesn’t add up by Bill Hammond |  | NY Torch

Sen. Bill Cassidy of Louisiana and Rep. Pete Sessions of Texas have introduced what they're calling “The World’s Greatest Healthcare Plan.” It’s hard to see how it amounts to a workable plan at all. [Read_more]

The transit strike that wasn’t? by E.J. McMahon |  | NY Torch

mta train
Remember the three-day New York City transit strike of December 2005? If you do, you must be imagining things—because, according to an official legislative filing by Assemblyman Peter Abbate, Jr. of Brooklyn, there hasn't been a transit work stoppage in the city since 1989. [Read_more]

Opening a costly ‘golden door’ by Bill Hammond |  | NY Torch

Should New Yorkers -- and Americans generally -- provide government-financed health coverage for undocumented immigrants? Making a case for yes is the president and CEO of the New York State Health Foundation, David Sandman, in an op-ed today for the Huffington Post. [Read_more]

What’s behind NY health plan hikes by Bill Hammond |  | NY Torch

New York’s health plans are pressing for dramatically higher premiums in 2017, a sign of financial turbulence in the insurance markets for individuals and small businesses as the Affordable Care Act enters its seventh year. [Read_more]

The tax cap works, again by Kenneth Girardin |  | NY Torch

Tax Cap
Twenty-nine of the 37 districts that sought to override the property tax cap were successful in yesterday’s school budget votes, as the majority of districts elected to limit their tax increases to the cap itself. [Read_more]

Board set to release SolarCity cash by Kenneth Girardin |  | NY Torch

A state oversight board this week is set to green-light a $486 million payment to the SUNY Polytechnic real estate subsidiary that is at the heart of the federal probe into Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Buffalo Billion initiative. [Read_more]

Clinton’s Medicare math by Bill Hammond |  | NY Torch

Hillary Clinton’s endorsement of a Medicare “buy-in” for older Americans who are under 65 raises the question of whether it would actually be a good deal for the people it is supposed to help.

Some solid ideas from DiNapoli by E.J. McMahon |  | NY Torch

Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli just issued a set of fiscal reform proposals designed to address the continuing lack of accountability and transparency in key areas of New York's budget. While by no means representing a fiscal panacea, they are solid ideas, deserving of broad public and legislative support. [Read_more]

A head-scratcher in the health budget (updated) by Bill Hammond |  | NY Torch

Albany’s practice of doling out millions in “bullet aid” to certain school districts at the behest of favored legislators has become a familiar ritual of pork-barrel politics. But a little-noticed provision of this year’s budget directs $30 million to a single nursing home in the Bronx, which is unusual even by the standards of New York State government.

Tax cap survives latest challenge by E.J. McMahon |  | NY Torch

Tax Cap
New York's 2 percent local property tax levy cap has passed another important legal test, prevailing in the state's mid-level appeals court over a constitutional challenge from the state's largest teachers' union. [Read_more]
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