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As expected, President Obama's calls for a return to pre-2001 income tax rates and new limits on itemized deductions for filers with incomes starting as low as $200,000 -- essentially the same thing the president proposed two years ago. [caption Read More

Yesterday's Times that Speaker Sheldon Silver has reintroduced the "millionaire tax" as a standalone bill may qualify as the dog-bites-man, non-news story of the year from the State Capitol.Silver and his conference already voted in favor o Read More

Nicole has an op-ed in today's New York Post exploring the fiscal and economic implications of the agenda being pushed by the union-led "May 12 Coalition," which is sponsoring a big demonstration in Manhattan today to demand big increases in state and city taxes. Read More

The tenant household income threshold at which a landlord could initiate "luxury decontrol" of a New York City apartment would be raised to $300,000 under rent regulation extender bills passed by the state Assembly yesterday. This is well above... Read More