Top-paid public-sector workers in region are mostly in Schenectady County The Daily Gazette

Seven of the 10 highest-paid municipal employees in the eight-county Capital Region worked for Schenectady County, the Empire Center for Public Policy noted. 

While the individual salary numbers have been previously reported for the seven men — a child protective services caseworker, a doctor, a lawyer, three law enforcement officers and an economic developer — the report released Wednesday ranks them in comparison to the other counties outside New York City.

More pushback on plan to charge $25 to replace license plates WBFO

E.J. McMahon, with the fiscal watchdog group the Empire Center, said it makes sense for the state to replace plates that are peeling and hard to read, in an era where toll collections are increasingly dependent on electronic scanners.

"We’re in an era now where the state increasingly is literally banking on the legibility of license plates to enforce tolling," McMahon said.

Is New York State Prepared for Potential Recession? Spectrum

But a recession wouldn't be good for New York State, either. It could mean less funding for schools or higher taxes.  The state budget relies heavily on the personal income tax, drawn mainly from wealthy individuals, says EJ McMahon of the Empire Center.

New York license plate fee increase draws criticism Media Coverage

"The 'current' $25 fee was for an optional plate choice," said E.J. McMahon, research director at the Empire Center for Public Policy. "The new fee will be mandatory -- the first time ever.  This is a revenue grab under the guise of a PR stunt. Yes, the plates need replacement.  But they don’t cost $25 apiece to manufacture."
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