196 LIRR Employees Made More Than $200K Last Year; 12 Top $300K Patch

As prices of Long Island Rail Road fares go up, so do the yearly paychecks of its employees.

The number of LIRR employees who made more than $200,000 increased by about 40 percent from 2016 t0 2017, according to payroll data found on the Empire Center for Public Policy's transparency website, SeeThroughNY.net.

MTA blames subway delays, repairs for surge in overtime pay New York Post Editorial

A squad of LIRR foremen are among the MTA’s top earners — raking in nearly $300,000 a year in overtime alone while the sweaty masses suffer through service hell.

The time-sheet stuffers helped bring the agency’s overtime bill to a jaw-dropping $1.2 billion in 2017 — a 20-percent increase over the previous year, according to watchdog group The Empire Center.

New York’s ticking pension bomb New York Post Editorial

Don’t hate retired sanitation worker Eugene Egan for his city pension of more than twice the $128,189 top salary he earned in 2015, his last year on the job; blame the politicians who created a system that saddles taxpayers with a ticking pension time bomb.