Opioid fight yields a new mandate NY Torch

In their latest response to the epidemic of opioid abuse, state lawmakers are indulging a habit-forming practice of their own: imposing mandates on health insurance.

This time, it’s different | Albany Times Union

Though it hit the state Capitol like a tidal wave Thursday, the arrest of Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver on federal corruption charges isn't the first time a legislative leader has been charged with wrongdoing.

But it could turn out to be a watershed.

Does Albany suffer from being state capital? by E.J. McMahon | | NY Torch

Politicians from Albany have been complaining for years that the state’s capital city is fiscally strapped because 60 percent of the property within its boundaries, much of it state owned, is tax exempt

Pensions, infrastructure and Albany billboards by E.J. McMahon | | NY Torch

The Cuomo administration reportedly is talking with labor leaders about tapping public and private pension funds to help pay for state infrastructure projects, including a multi-billion-dollar replacement for the Tappan Zee Bridge...

Concerning those dirty Wall Street capitalists … by Nicole Gelinas | | NY Torch

Nicole Gelinas has a must-read op-ed in the New York Post today on the sinking fortunes of New York City's financial sector.  Her message: Thanks to Washington’s support for big banks, New York City has been a cocoon of prosperity compared to the ...