Estimated Rental Vacancy Rates for NY Communities Data

Table may take a moment to load Source: U.S. Bureau, 2012-17 American Community Survey Footnotes: *CDP = Census Designated Place **Not shown are vacancy rates of zero, which indicate a sample size too small to produce any estimate. ***The Margin of E...

Key Cuomo budget update late—again by E.J. McMahon | NY Torch

How big are the fiscal challenges faced by New York State in second half of its 2019 fiscal year? Are tax receipts and spending living up with projections? What's the outlook for the next few years?

We don't know—because, for an eighth consecutive year, Governor Andrew Cuomo has missed the statutory deadline for producing a Mid-Year Financial Plan Update.

Richard Brodsky: Cuomo and Molinaro are both intent on ignoring the truth Albany Times Union

The upstate economy continues to stagnate, with consequent financial and social problems. The downstate economy continues to boom, with different problems and its own warning signs. No surprise. This latest evidence of New York's economic reality comes from the Empire Center and its estimable grey eminence E.J. McMahon. It's a well-crafted analysis and consistent with dozens of other such reports.
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