Report: How to save money by sharing services | Press Releases

Local governments should consider sharing services to help reduce costs and maintain services to residents, suggests a new report from the Empire Center for Public Policy. “Municipal Cooperation: Sharing Services in NY,” explores the different ways localities in New York can and do share services to save money.

Cuomo administration considered milking NYSERDA for salaries | Albany Times Union

E.J. McMahon, president of the Empire Center for New York State Policy in Albany, said that governors for at least 30 years have used state agencies to fund staff in the executive chamber as a way to conceal the true size of the governor's staff.

But having state authorities like NYSERDA, which is funded by utility fees, pay for the governor's staff, is taking that a step further.

"I think it's another degree of inappropriateness," McMahon said. "It's just another way of using an authority as a cash cow."

Think tank faults wage rules in area flood cleanup | The Daily Gazette

Some workers earned more than $43 per hour taking part in a post-disaster cleanup project during the summer of 2012, according to data gathered by an Albany-based think tank.

A total of 156 people in the Capital Region earned about $1.4 million during the 90-day campaign to clear debris left in and along waterways by floods in the late summer of 2011, according to the Empire Center for Public Policy Inc.

Cuomo’s great Tappan Zee secret by | | | New York Post

In his State of the State message last week, Gov. Cuomo once again cited the new Tappan Zee Bridge as a symbol of his ability to move forward on big, important infrastructure projects. But the governor hasn’t leveled with commuters and truckers on what they’ll be paying for this progress. Hint: a lot more than they do now.

EDITORIAL: State Should Reform SEQR Process | Jamestown Post-Journal

The SEQR law last saw major revisions in the mid-1990s. The state DEC should take the Empire Center's recommendations to heart as it ponders making changes now. You can't be open for business - as Cuomo is so fond of saying - while still having such a burdensome SEQR law on the books.
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