Hustle up! by Tim Hoefer | NY Torch

If you’ve spent any time at a little league baseball or soccer game, or any children's sporting event, you know the cry of "hustle up" means move faster. It’s a way adults try to keep the game moving—and remind the players of what they ought to be doing.

How Gov. Cuomo May Tie Ethics Reform Plan to Budget | Time Warner Cable News

Four years of on-time budgets is an accomplishment Governor Andrew Cuomo loves to mention, but this year could be different.

Cuomo is pushing lawmakers to adopt stringent ethics legislation as part of the budget agreement. If they don't reach a deal by the April 1 deadline, a government shutdown is possible.

Editorial: Shelly’s gift to taxpayers | New York Post

Say this for Sheldon Silver, who steps down today after more than two decades as state Assembly speaker: He’s doing New York taxpayers an unexpected favor.

Not only will Silver be saving taxpayers nearly $10,000 a year by not giving up his Assembly seat, he’s driving home a much-needed lesson about the urgent need for public-pension reform.

Glynn: Term limits eyed as option to end corruption | Niagara Gazette

As expected, the current scandal in Albany around state Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver has fanned the flames for more reform in the Legislature.

“Term limits would strike at a problem more pervasive than corruption (at the Capitol): legislative careerism,” says Tim Hoefer, executive director of the Empire Center for Public Policy.

State budget keeps oinking along by E.J. McMahon | | NY Torch

Governor Andrew Cuomo eliminated funding of new "member item" spending when he took office four years ago—but the Ghost of Pork Barrels Past continues to haunt the state's finances.

Each of Cuomo's first four Executive Budget proposals projected the depletion and elimination of what's technically known as the "Community Projects Fund - 007" -- but every year, the enacted budget has restored the money to back up reappropriations of the member item lump sum.

Assembly hopes to usher in change as race to replace Silver narrows | WNYT

Sheldon Silver's 38 years in the Assembly allowed him to amass immense political power which he is accused of abusing to pocket millions of dollars in kickbacks. And it's that 38 years in a public office that will give him a pension worth more than the annual salary of a rank-and-file assembly member.