DOH posts age & county data by Bill Hammond | NY Torch

#NYCoronaVirus: The state Health Department released additional coronavirus data that gives a clearer picture of which counties and age groups have been hardest hit by the pandemic so far.

Winning last year’s battle by Bill Hammond | NY Torch

The new state budget finally takes credible steps to address the Medicaid crisis of recent history. What's missing is a clear plan for weathering the far larger crisis of the present and future.

Medicaid still needs fixing by Bill Hammond | NY Torch

The world has changed since Governor Cuomo tasked his Medicaid Redesign Team with finding $2.5 billion in savings to help balance the state budget. Yet even in light of the coronavirus pandemic, many of the panel's recommendations still make sense – and are arguably more necessary than ever.

NY’s COVID toll rises fast by Bill Hammond | NY Torch

#NYCoronaVirus: In the early days of the coronavirus outbreak, New York's death toll appears to be rising at a faster rate than any other state and most other countries.

Are Cuomo’s hands tied on Medicaid? by Bill Hammond | NY Torch

#NYCovidCrisis: If recent history is any guide, the strings attached to federal coronavirus funding should be less of a problem for New York than Cuomo seems to think. Almost identical restrictions were placed on extra Medicaid money sent to states during the Great Recession, and they did not prevent then-Governor Paterson from enacting cuts to Medicaid.

The price of procrastination by Bill Hammond | NY Torch

#NYCoronaVirus: As they struggle to contain the coronavirus outbreak on the eve of their budget deadline, the state's elected leaders have run out of good options for dealing with Medicaid.

Medicaid fight hits the airwaves by Bill Hammond | NY Torch

For the third time in three years, health-care interests are airing TV ads favorable to Governor Cuomo in the thick of high-stakes negotiations over Medicaid funding.

Counties’ Medicaid role dwindles by Bill Hammond | NY Torch

New enrollment numbers from the state-run health insurance exchange confirm a trend relevant to budget talks in Albany: The role of local governments in signing people up for Medicaid is smaller than ever.
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