Small progress on readmission by Bill Hammond | NY Torch

New York's hospitals have made seeming progress on reducing avoidable readmissions, but the state's performance on this key quality indicator remains among the worst in the country, new federal data show.

‘Age tax’ misfire by Bill Hammond | NY Torch

Claims about an "age tax" in the House GOP's health care overhaul are particularly misleading in the context of New York's insurance market.

Single-payer fact check by Bill Hammond | NY Torch

Gubernatorial candidate Cynthia Nixon cited a lot of statistics in favor of single-payer health care in her debate with Governor Andrew Cuomo on Wednesday, but most of them were confused, misleading or false.

RAND’s iffy single-payer estimates by Bill Hammond | NY Torch

For New Yorkers wondering whether a statewide single-payer plan would be feasible and affordable, the RAND Corporation’s just-published report provides only partial answers.

Getting sober about single-payer by Bill Hammond | NY Torch

As the state awaits the RAND Corp.’s analysis of a proposed single-payer health plan for New York, the organization’s study of a similar plan in Oregon offers a potentially instructive preview.

Cuomo challengers revive NY Health Act debate Albany Times Union

The legislation has long been debated by Gottfried, who projects it will save the state $45 billion a year, and the conservative-leaning Empire Center for Public Policy's Bill Hammond, who said implementation will be prohibitively expensive and poses many logistical challenges, beginning with securing a waiver from the federal government.