A reality check on aging and Medicaid by Bill Hammond | NY Torch

In the face of New York's rapidly rising Medicaid spending, both the Cuomo administration and some of its critics have pointed to demographics as a driving factor. The state's population is aging, they have said, so long-term care costs should be expected to increase.

There are two main reasons to doubt this narrative.

Fact-checking Mujica’s op-ed by Bill Hammond | NY Torch

A fact-check of the op-ed by state Budget Director Robert Mujica, defending the governor's Medicaid proposals, shows it to include exaggerated and misleading arguments.

Unanswered Medicaid questions by Bill Hammond | NY Torch

Wednesday's hearing on the governor's Medicaid budget gives lawmakers a chance to learn more from top officials about how the program developed its $4 billion deficit. Here are some suggested questions.

Cuomo’s ‘plan B’ for Medicaid by Bill Hammond | NY Torch

An unusual clause in Governor Cuomo's Medicaid budget would trigger $2.5 billion in across-the-board cuts if the Legislature doesn't otherwise agree to a package of savings.

Cuomo puts off the Medicaid pain by Bill Hammond | NY Torch

Governor Cuomo's response to New York's big Medicaid deficit, as laid out in his budget presentation on Tuesday, was a disappointing mix of delay, deflection and delegation.

Putting a Medicaid cut in context by Bill Hammond | NY Torch

In the coming skirmish over how to close a multi-billion-dollar deficit in the Medicaid program, New Yorkers can expect a lot of misleading claims and half-truths from the health-care industry.

A case in point is a Jan. 6 letter signed by 23 provider groups – representing hospitals, nursing homes, pharmacies, physicians and more – which calls for Governor Cuomo to reverse the 1 percent cut to most Medicaid fees that his administration announced on New Year's Eve.

The birth of a Medicaid deficit by Bill Hammond | NY Torch

The cash flow of New York’s Medicaid program has become increasingly volatile in recent years, a byproduct of questionable fiscal maneuvers that spawned the current $4 billion deficit.

Cuomo orders 1% cut to Medicaid by Bill Hammond | NY Torch

The ball in Times Square isn't the only thing dropping on New Year's Eve: The state Health Department also announced a 1 percent reduction in most Medicaid payments.
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