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Nicole and I both have op-eds in the Post today.  Hers dissects the MTA's latest desperation move -- an unprecedented 18-month budget.  Mine focuses on the projected expansion of New York State's Medicaid caseload, which by 2013 may include one out...

Health Policy Issues and Options for New York: What Can We Learn from Other States? | Events

Some of the nation's top health policy experts gathered to share ideas on how to curb health care expenses, improve health care services and expand access to health insurance in New York State. Featured topics included innovative Medicaid reforms in Florida and Kentucky, the Massachusetts health insurance reform plan, the pitfalls of a Canada-style universal health plan, and the potential benefits of expanding consumer health care choices.

Finding a Cure for What Ails New York | Press Releases

Besieged by the related problems of soaring Medicaid and private health-insurance costs, a growing number of states are enacting innovative programs to curb expenses, improve services and expand access to affordable health care. Some of the nation’s leading health policy experts will gather at an Empire Center policy forum in Albany on Sept. 26 to share insights and ideas that might offer models for New York State.
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