E.J. McMahon on “Capital Tonight” with Liz Benjamin Capital Tonight

Last week, Governor Cuomo pitched a plan for a statewide $15 an hour minimum wage. That’s a 67-percent increase over what it will be by the end of this year. So what would this mean for the state’s economy? EJ McMahon from the Empire Center for Public Policy joined us to discuss.

Higher fast-food wages could backfire by Ken Girardin | NY Torch

There's a good reason for Governor Cuomo's Fast Food Wage Board to decide against raising the minimum wage for fast food workers: many of them won't benefit from it.

A grey lady correction on minimum wage by Tim Hoefer | | NY Torch

The New York Times has agreed to print a correction of this article about the minimum wage issue, which includes inaccurate information implicitly attributed to Empire Center senior fellow Russell Sykes.