Side effects of the opioid tax by Bill Hammond | NY Torch

Industry lawsuits filed against Governor Cuomo's $100 million opioid tax, summarized in today's Wall Street Journal, are raising fresh questions about the levy's fairness and unintended side effects.

The dope on NY’s opioid Rx rates by Bill Hammond | NY Torch

Opioid prescribing rates vary widely across New York, with residents in some counties receiving three or four times as much of the potentially addictive pain relievers as in other counties.

Opioid fight yields a new mandate NY Torch

In their latest response to the epidemic of opioid abuse, state lawmakers are indulging a habit-forming practice of their own: imposing mandates on health insurance.

The scale of New York’s opioid habit by Bill Hammond | NY Torch

A study by researchers in the state Health Deparments, just published in the CDC's Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, documents widespread use of prescription opioids in New York.