New York’s school-bond boondoggle by E.J. McMahon | | New York Post

On Election Day, New York voters will be asked to let the state borrow up to $2 billion to help public schools buy computer hardware they don’t urgently need and create space for pre-kindergarten programs that most districts outside New York City can’t afford.

$2B bond act may help bridge digital divide | The Journal News

E.J. McMahon, president of the Empire Center for New York State Policy, said the bond act — with its spend-now-or-kiss-it-goodbye philosophy — could lead to wasteful spending. Some of the investment, McMahon fears, could be used on technology that becomes obsolete before the bonds are paid off.

"You are pressing money on districts to buy stuff they may not need," he said. "It's free money for items that could be a low priority. It's bound to be inefficient, and uses up the state's scarce capital borrowing capacity."

The evolving $2 billion education bond by David Lombardo | | NY Torch

The seemingly slapdash nature of Gov. Andrew Cuomo's proposed $2 billion education bond was reinforced during Tuesday's budget address when the gambit got a makeover.
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