Another “stimulus” myth NY Torch

In a passage reflecting House Democratic spin on the supposed economic benefits of the stimulus package, today's Washington Post reports that the bill includes aid "that many economists agree will enter the economic bloodstream quickly and trim furth...

Thompson’s blueprint for saving NYC NY Torch

City comptroller William Thompson released his regular "state of the city's finances" report today. It's not necessary to go into the gory details, since it's past time for everyone simply to stipulate that things are ugly so that we can get on with ...

Data of the day: school aid NY Torch

Governor Paterson reportedly will propose a mid-year cut in state aid to public schools as part of a $2 billion budget reduction package to be released tomorrow. Here's a chart that provides some perspective on the budgetary debate ahead: [caption id...

Huh? NY Torch

Addressing the possibility of mid-year cuts in school aid, which Senate leaders are pledging to avoid, Governor Paterson is quoted in today's Newsday as saying: "Seventy-one percent of the resources we spend on education are administrative. We can make a lot of cuts ... without touching the classroom or affecting teachers."

New School Contracts Lack Accountability Press Releases

Contracts for Excellence (C4E), the centerpiece of former Governor Eliot Spitzer’s reform agenda for New York state schools in 2007, “could now more accurately stand for Commitments for Expenditures” because of the program’s emphasis on educational inputs over educational outcomes, says a Policy Briefing issued today by the Empire Center for Public Policy.

School Plan Still Can Be a Success | Albany Times Union

Eliot Spitzer had been governor for less than a month when he addressed a crowd of dignitaries at the state Education Department. The department's historic building was an appropriate setting for a historic proposal: pumping more money into public education than ever before, in return for more accountability than ever.