Cuomo’s SALT Flop by E.J. McMahon | New York Post

By midnight Monday, more than 9 million New Yorkers will have filed their income tax returns for 2018. And most will then have cause to wonder what the Great New York SALT Panic of 2018 was all about.

New York is looking at an ocean of red ink by E.J. McMahon | New York Post

New York’s new budget — the actual state-government expenditure plan, that is, as opposed to numerous side issues packaged with it — apparently came in close to Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s bottom line.

Tax cap offers strongest shield to NY’s poorest school districts by E.J. McMahon | Reports

Over the past seven years, New York’s cap on local property tax levies has generated billions of dollars in savings for homeowners and businesses, compared to previous trends. The cap has been especially effective in restraining school property taxes, which have long been the largest and fastest-growing component of New York’s tax burden.

Florida governor meets with NYC businesses amid Amazon fallout New York Post

Government watchdog E.J. McMahon, of the Empire Center, warned that the Amazon ordeal would be noticed by other firms.

“The Amazon fiasco definitely sent a signal, and it’s not a good signal from multiple angles,” McMahon said.

“Governor DeSantis couldn’t have picked a better time to work on poaching New York businesses, especially high earners in finance. More than a few will no doubt find it tempting to at least listen to Florida’s pitch.”

E.J. McMahon on the budget shortfall The Capitol Pressroom

The Governor announced that the state has to deal with a 2.3-billion-dollar revenue shortfall which he blamed on the federal tax overhaul passed late in 2017. EJ McMahon, Founder and Research Director of the Empire Center for Public Policy, shared his analysis of the situation.