School Payrolls Grew in 2008-09, Online Data Show Press Releases

Professional payrolls continued expanding in New York State school districts outside New York City last year, according to data posted today on, the government transparency website sponsored by the Empire Center for Public Policy.

Legislative Spending Posted on Internet Press Releases

Office expenditures of individual state Senators and Assembly members for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2009 have been posted in a searchable format on the Empire Center’s government transparency web site,

New York State Senate and Assembly Payrolls Updated Press Releases

An updated staff payroll for the New York State Senate and Assembly was posted today at, the Empire Center's government transparency site for taxpayers. The payroll is fully searchable by name and title, and reflects the latest changes made in the Senate staff payroll.

Updated Public Authority Payrolls Posted Online Press Releases

Payroll files for 384 Public Authorities have been posted on, the Empire Center’s government transparency web site for taxpayers.The new data includes names, titles, base pay rates and total pay received for most of the 44,320 public authority employees added today.
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