The city’s stealth toll hike NY Torch

The Times offers some evidence that a couple hundred million dollars (at least) of the Ravitch plan to raise $2.1 billion in new money annually for the state-run Metropolitan Transportation Authority through new bridge tolls and a payroll tax wou...

MTA’s Fatal Dodge | New York Post

The media treated it as good news when the Metropolitan Transportation Authority and Local 100 of the Transport Workers Union said last week that they'd settle their next contract through binding arbitration.

Crunch Time for the TWU by E.J. McMahon | | New York Post

Soon after the end of the Transit Workers Union's illegal 60-hour walkout in December 2005, Local 100 President Roger Toussaint boasted that his members had made good on a "credible threat" to strike. Later today, a state judge in Brooklyn will decide if they can get away with it.

The Transit Strike’s Broader Implications | Empire Center

State and local government workers enjoy pensions that far outstrip the norm for private-sector workers, most of whom have no guaranteed pension at all. Rising pension costs have been straining budgets for every level of government in New York, and future obligations will continue to climb as the number of retirees grows.
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