High court ruling could cost NY unions $110M in revenue, think tank says Times Herald Record

New York has the nation’s most heavily unionized public sector, with 1.2 million of 1.4 million government employees in unions, according to the Empire Center. The think tank estimates that all the New York public-sector workers opting out of union membership could cost unions $110 million in revenue. All told, New York’s public-sector unions collect at least $862 million annually in dues and fees, according to the Empire Center.

Union reaction to SCOTUS Janus decision WNYT

"It's really good news for all the people who have been forced to pay agency fees in New York. It's going to save them together about $112 million a year," said Ken Girardin with the Empire Center for Public Policy.  

Supreme Court deals big setback to public sector labor unions Albany Times Union

Ken Girardin, policy analyst for the fiscally conservative Empire Center for Public Policy, said New York's public sector unions collect an estimated $860 million in dues and fees from members each year. Of that, about $112 million pay "agency fees," or the payments in lieu of dues from non-members that the ruling now says are no longer mandatory.

Bill puts sick kids second by Ken Girardin | NY Torch

A private charity is seeking the New York Legislature’s go-ahead to build housing for critically ill kids and their families on state-owned property.

The Legislature’s answer: sure, you can go ahead and build—if you’re willing to pay extra (possibly a lot extra) to our union friends to do the work.

More bad ideas lurking by Ken Girardin | NY Torch

On the whole, New Yorkers can breathe a sigh of relief if the state Senate’s gridlock forces an early end to the 2018 regular session of the Legislature. Otherwise, the next two weeks will still leave plenty of time for lawmakers to get up to no good.
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