The Cuomo Way by E.J. McMahon |  | City Journal

From Albany to Buffalo, the New York governor’s clubby approach to economic development invites—and deserves—scrutiny. [Read_more]

Incentives encourage Medicaid patients to choose well by Russell Sykes |  | Albany Times Union

New York under Gov. Andrew Cuomo has been able to tame Medicaid costs by bringing together service providers and health care unions to find ways to save money.

But Medicaid patients themselves can also play a bigger role in that process. [Read_more]

Andrew Cuomo’s ‘best’ budget means big trouble for New York by E.J. McMahon |  | New York Post

The budget adopted by New York’s Legislature last week was described by Gov. Cuomo as “the best plan that the state has produced . . . in decades, literally.”

If this is truly the “best” New York can do, we’re in even more trouble than we thought. [Read_more]

Fending Off Cuomo’s $15 Fetish by E.J. McMahon |  | New York Post

New York has seldom seen an executive initiative as politically radical or economically reckless as Gov. Cuomo’s proposal for a $15-per-hour statewide minimum wage. [Read_more]

A better way to help the working poor by Russell Sykes |  | Albany Times Union

Gov. Andrew Cuomo's campaign for a statewide $15-an-hour minimum wage is based on the assertion that "no one who works a full-time job should be forced to live in poverty."

Few would disagree. But here's the thing: No one who works a full-time job in New York has to live in poverty — thanks largely to a program pioneered at the state level by the governor's father. [Read_more]

Cuomo’s Rocky Road by E.J. McMahon |  | New York Post

In his combined State of the State and budget message last week, Gov. Cuomo officially unveiled $100 billion in “transformative" infrastructure projects — enough to “make Governor [Nelson] Rockefeller jealous.”

That wouldn’t be easy, even if it were desirable.

To finance a 15-year building binge that included most of the State University system — not to mention countless other capital projects capped by Albany’s monstrously modernist Empire State Plaza — New York’s legendary Republican governor from 1959 to 1973 quintupled state debt.

Cuomo clearly hopes his plans will be perceived as Rockefeller-esque in scope. So how does he plan to pay for it all?

The answer: for the most part, he doesn’t. [Read_more]

How NY wastes millions on state construction by Kenneth Girardin |  | New York Post

Gov. Cuomo’s 2017 state budget, which he’ll present next week, is likely to call for billions of dollars in new spending on highways and bridges.

Unfortunately, taxpayers won’t get their money’s worth if the state continues to insist on rigging bids for public-works projects that all but guarantee the jobs will go to unions. [Read_more]

Albany shares blame in the death of an ObamaCare co-op by Bill Hammond |  | New York Post

The rapid rise and costly fall of Health Republic Insurance of New York, the largest nonprofit health insurance “co-op” established under President Obama’s Affordable Care Act, is a cautionary tale. [Read_more]

Long Island’s Coming Fiscal Crash by E.J. McMahon |  | City Journal

Budget deficits papered over with borrowed money and fiscal gimmicks. Unaffordable union contracts. Pension contributions “amortized” into the future. Retiree health benefits promised but unfunded. Corruption probes and whiffs of scandal. Accountability blurred, responsibility shirked, and hard decisions avoided again and again.

That litany could describe any number of old, declining American cities—including a few that, like Detroit, actually went broke. But the same dysfunction exists in affluent corners of New York’s archetypal suburb: Long Island [Read_more]
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