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New York rakes in $420 million from latest bank settlement | Albany Times Union

"It's been a blown opportunity basically," McMahon said.

He also had concerns about $850 million the state put aside to settle a dispute with the federal government over Medicaid payouts, and suggested using more of the money for core infrastructure costs to hold down growing debt costs.

McMahon was particularly troubled by the use of settlement funds to cover annual operating costs, saying, "That's not something they should do under any circumstances. ... The question is whether they will do it again next year." [Read_more]

Hold the Applause for New York’s Amazon Deal | City Journal

As E.J. McMahon of the Empire Center for Public Policy noted last week, the proposed Amazon subsidies will go a long way toward indemnifying the company for the costs of the featherbedding construction work rules sacred in New York but barely existent elsewhere, and which almost certainly will govern construction of the Queens half of HQ2. [Read_more]

Cuomo lures Amazon, draws criticism for $1.5B incentives | Oneonta Daily Star

The research director of the Empire Center for Public Policy, E.J. McMahon, argued state lawmakers should give themselves a stronger voice in how the state decides to award such incentive packages.

"They should not be giving (the governor) the discretion to do things like this, but they long have," McMahon said. "This is a giveaway to one of the world's most successful companies." [Read_more]

Richard Brodsky: Cuomo and Molinaro are both intent on ignoring the truth | Albany Times Union

The upstate economy continues to stagnate, with consequent financial and social problems. The downstate economy continues to boom, with different problems and its own warning signs. No surprise. This latest evidence of New York's economic reality comes from the Empire Center and its estimable grey eminence E.J. McMahon. It's a well-crafted analysis and consistent with dozens of other such reports. [Read_more]

Cuomo has utterly failed the people of upstate New York | New York Post Editorial

To those who don’t get north of the city’s suburbs, Cuomo’s talk of an “even” economic recovery across the state may sound fine. But a new report from the Empire Center’s E.J. McMahon highlights the ugly facts. [Read_more]

The game of the names | New York Daily News Editorial

Waaay back in January 2010, as part of a broad push to show taxpayers where the money goes, the Empire Center for Public Policy requested the names and pension payments of retired NYPD personnel. Despite using the state's legally enforceable Freedom of Information Law, Empire, and the public, is still waiting. [Read_more]

Mailers from elected officials are a waste of taxpayer money | The Post Star Editorial

According to the Empire Center — an independent, nonpartisan, nonprofit think tank based in Albany — the state Senate spends over $3 million in bulk postage, while the state Assembly spends approximately $2.7 million. That is almost double what it was from a year ago. [Read_more]
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