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Individual medical insurance approaching ‘death spiral’ | WGRZ

Conditions are right for a "death spiral" for healthcare insurance. Bill Hammond, the Empire Center's director of healthcare policy, explains the spiral is the result of insurance pools seeing, "healthy people leave, the rates go up, the premiums go up, more healthy people leave and it becomes a vicious cycle.”

To control school taxes, rein in compensation | Daily Gazette Editorial

A combination of decades of free-wheeling generosity by local school boards, pressure to increase teacher pay from politically powerful unions, and state laws and policies that make it impossible for districts to rein in spending has gotten New York to the point where it spends more per student and offers the highest teacher salaries of any other state in the country. [Read_more]

School budget turnout: Why it’s plummeting in New York | Rochester Democrat and Chronicle

"I think the tax cap has induced a sense of complacency," said E.J. McMahon, founder of the Empire Center, a fiscally conservative think tank in Albany. "It’s seen as automatically keeping a fairly tight lid on the levy. But at the first sign of fiscal stress and added pressure for higher taxes, I'd expect turnout to rebound." [Read_more]

Report: For-profit model one way New York hospitals can improve financially | Beckers Hospital Review

The report — from the Empire Center for Public Policy, an Albany, N.Y.-based independent, nonpartisan, nonprofit think tank — examined the effectiveness of New York's hospital ownership laws. For-profit hospitals are not common in the state due to 1960s-era laws that generally discourage for-profit ownership and prohibit publicly traded corporations from owning hospitals, according to the report. [Read_more]
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