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Albany’s ‘big ugly’ provides political cover, but has some benefits | Newsday

“This has been one of the worst developments in the political process here in New York in modern history,” said E.J. McMahon of the fiscally conservative Empire Center for Public Policy think tank and a former aide to Gov. George Pataki. “It really is corrosive of accountability and democracy and, implicitly, the constitution prohibits it.” [Read_more]

For your health: Legislation to make things better (or worse) | The Post Star

The state Legislature is considering a host of health care-related bills at the end of the session. But the Empire Center is deeply suspicious of some of them. Empire Center's Director of Health Policy Bill Hammond recently warned that the Legislature may be trying to act too fast, without considering all the consequences. [Read_more]

‘Pork’ Bill Hangs Over Other Issues in Albany | Wall Street Journal

E.J. McMahon, research director for the Empire Center for Public Policy, a fiscally conservative think tank, questioned the need for these projects. His organization found recent SAM allocations paid for projects he deemed frivolous such as a skate park and a local highway garage. “It’s this huge mutual back-scratching,” he said. [Read_more]

Capitol pressroom | Capitol Pressroom

Former Assemblyman Richard Brodsky and EJ McMahon, Founder and Research Director of the Empire Center, shared their insights into the effects of the legislation and the political implications. [Read_more]

Sources: MTA wants to go ahead with former prosecutor for OT investigation | Newsday

The heightened focus on overtime stems from an April report by the Albany-based nonprofit Empire Center for Public Policy that revealed several of the MTA’s top union earners had more than doubled their take-home pay through overtime. LIRR chief measurement officer Thomas Caputo nearly quadrupled his, making $344,147 in overtime on top of his base salary of $117,499. Caputo, who has not formally been accused of any wrongdoing, retired in April. [Read_more]


Of the $508 million in pork awarded last year, most of it came from the State and Municipal Facilities program, which is widely derided as legislative slush fund, according to an analysis by the fiscally  conservative Empire Center for Public Policy. [Read_more]

Blog: Cuomo blasts IRS tax changes | The Post Star

However, the Empire Center issued a report saying that most New Yorkers paid a lower federal tax bill because of the rate cut and the increase in the child care credit. Most of the impact was to the top 1% of income earners, who generate 40% of the state’s tax revenue. [Read_more]

EDITORIAL: Pork fund a waste of taxpayer money | Daily Gazette

The Empire Center for Public Policy earlier this week came out with its regular update on how much New York state government spends on local projects that have little to do with state needs like infrastructure and social programs and more to do with helping local state legislators get re-elected. [Read_more]
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