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A new report shows the largest community grant from New York lawmakers this year is nearly $2.3 million to Prisoners Legal Services of New York Inc., which helps indigent inmates. The searchable report on the Empire Center's Web site lists the gra Read More

An online database shows just how drastic of a decrease in state member items — commonly known as “pork-barrel spending” — are coming into the area. The latest tally of legislative member items in the Southern Tier on the See Through NY We Read More

In the last month, the New York Senate plumbed a new low in messy and irresponsible non-governance. Two Democratic senators, Hiram Monserrate and Pedro Espada, brought business to a standstill on June 8, when they abruptly switched political parties, Read More

There was a rare occurrence in the Senate chamber late last night - something akin to an Ivory-billed Woodpecker sighting. A bill was defeated. Yes, you read that right. Flat out defeated. Voted down, 28-34, with cooperation from senators on bo Read More

More than 8,200 MTA staffers earned more than $100,000 last year, including dozens who doubled their pay with overtime, according to an analysis of payroll records. The biggest moneymaker at the Metropolitan Transportation Authority was then-CEO E Read More

Citing a continued lack of service for Staten Island residents, Assemblyman Lou Tobacco today lambasted the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) after a report found 10 percent of the agency's workforce annually earns over $100,000. "At a t Read More

Troy City Schools cut spending by $3.1 million by eliminating 63 jobs and agreeing not to replace 13 retirees. A few miles away, the Bethlehem Central School District trimmed its budget by taking the seldom-traveled path of renegotiating union con Read More

Gov. David A. Paterson and the state’s public employee unions announced an agreement on Friday that would reduce pension benefits for future public employees and save the state billions of dollars in an attempt to control ballooning costs for retir Read More


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