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It has been reported that Government Action Professionals, one of three lobbying firms in the running to become Niagara County’s main advocate for state and federal funds, counts as part of its staff former Erie County Deputy Executive Carl Calabrese and former City of Buffalo Mayor Anthony Masiello. Read More

A new database will give taxpayers a frame of reference and a new way to compare their numbers with other towns when tax bills come this year. The Empire Center for Public Policy announced this month a new database on its SeeThroughNY Web site, na Read More

Like the old competition to have the world's tallest building, New York can't resist having the nation's highest taxes. So after California raised its top income tax rate to 10.55% last month, Albany's politicians leapt into action to reclaim high-ta Read More

Why does it cost $1,500 more per resident to run the Finger Lakes city of Geneva than it does to run the central New York city of Utica? Why is the annual tax burden $600 more per person in the Adirondacks’ Hamilton County than it is in Erie Cou Read More

Rochester, NY – Monroe County's biggest town - Greece - spends only $18 per resident on sanitation annually. Henrietta spent only $10 a year per citizen on public safety in 2007. Per capita, Brighton spends big on culture and recreation, dropping $ Read More

The Business Council of New York State has released a new online database for letting the public compare the costs of county, town, city and village governments in total spending and a variety of spending areas. Read More

One Capital Region city has the dubious distinction of having the highest effective property tax rate among 61 cities in New York state while still ranking dead last in spending per citizen, according to the Benchmarking New York tool unveiled Wednes Read More

Has your 401(k) lost half its value? Have you kissed goodbye to the bonus you were hoping to use to pay junior's college tuition? Do you lie awake at night, worrying there's a pink slip with your name on it? Cheer up. Even in these hard economic t Read More

The $131.8 billion the state is slated to spend in the 2009-10 budget seems almost too big to comprehend. And so although the Empire Center's ''Spend-O-Meter'' is a bit of a gimmick, it serves a purpose in helping us measure just how much money th Read More

Albany Democrats who once promised reform cast it aside in the most secretive budget process in years. They crafted a $131.8 billion spending plan that relies on federal stimulus spending and nearly $7 billion a year in new taxes and fees to close a Read More


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