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John McCain has a new ad out that gives some hints about his approach to the financial crisis, or rather to the campaign about the financial crisis (there is a difference). First, he’s countering Obama’s “you’re all losers” tactic. In Obama Read More

The demise of Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. and anticipated job losses at Merrill Lynch & Co. could blow new holes in the city and state budgets, raising concerns about cuts in services and tax increases. In separate press conferences Monday, Read More

Anyone who thinks the path to "fiscal discipline" is through higher taxes ought to look at the current budget spectacles in New York and California. The two liberal states have among the highest tax burdens in the country, yet both now find themselve Read More

State legislators reached an agreement last month to cut state spending, but influential labor unions—with deep pockets—are working aggressively to kill Gov. David Paterson’s plan to cap property taxes. The split in the state Legislature cou Read More

The caller was angry, there was no doubting that. He is an anonymous taxpayer from North Tonawanda, and he’s not happy with what he believes is unnecessary spending by city government. I didn’t speak to him directly; we don’t get that chance wh Read More

ALBANY - New York state has a message to some of the 1.2 million people who receive taxpayer-funded health insurance: no more free riders. The state Department of Civil Service is planning a massive crackdown on what could be thousands of public empl Read More

ALBANY - They just don't get it! That was the reaction from government watchdogs on Thursday after the Daily News reported that state lawmakers will still get their pork-barrel projects despite budget cuts. "It's really cynical of them to treat Read More

If Senator McCain wants an opening to make a run at New York's 31 electoral votes — something we encouraged him to do in an editorial yesterday — he has just been handed the issue to run on. The Assembly Democrats yesterday voted to pass their mi Read More

ALBANY - Seven State Police officers made more than the acting superintendent last year, and they're about to make even more, thanks to retroactive pay hikes. Heavy overtime and a new contract have put the division's employees among the highest-pa Read More

ALBANY - Earlier this month, the Republican-controlled Senate passed a school property tax cap bill at the behest of Gov. David Paterson. That bill would limit school tax growth to 4 percent each year. Today, the Democratic Assembly will likely pa Read More


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