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A sex scandal drives the old governor out, and the new governor cuts through partisan politics to say what voters need to hear: change is imperative. “The days of spending like there’s no tomorrow end today,” the governor, who hails from the le Read More

Huzzahs echoed from Baghdad to Washington when the Iraqi parliament passed a 2008 budget in a packet of measures several weeks ago. Mind you, plenty of crucial issues were left to a future day and maybe, for all anyone can tell, to a future decade Read More

ALBANY — Times are tight in New York, state officials say. A recession is looming. Tax receipts are dwindling. Spending must be restrained. But the Harness Racing Museum and Hall of Fame in Goshen will survive, thanks to $35,000 in taxpayer mone Read More

ALBANY - Among the hundreds of dubious pork-barrel projects larded into the just-completed state budget is a group devoted to quilt-making, a doll museum and a "gay day" in the Catskills, The Post has learned. There's also cash for synchronized sw Read More

ALBANY — The State Legislature approved a $122 billion budget on Wednesday, increasing spending by nearly 5 percent despite warnings that the weakening New York economy will leave the state unable to afford the expansion.The increase come Read More

COLONIE - To cap or not to cap. That will be one of the biggest decisions that a property tax study commission headed by former gubernatorial candidate and Nassau County Executive Tom Suozzi makes next month. And the battle lines on that issue are st Read More

ALBANY - Lawmakers whiffed Monday night in their attempt to pass an on-time state budget, but appeared poised to ink a $124 billion spending plan later this week. Senate GOP leader Joe Bruno was optimistic a final deal will be sealed by Friday. Fi Read More

In his rush to finish the state budget kinda-sorta-almost on time, Gov. Paterson is giving away the store. Caving to pressure from special interests and their allies in the Legislature, the newbie governor is allowing spending to balloon at twice Read More

The proposed tax hike on cigarettes in the state budget would create a "black market gold mine" for smugglers and force New York smokers to pay the highest taxes in the nation, experts warn. Facing a $5 billion budget gap, state lawmakers see doub Read More

The recent pummeling of Wall Street and the grim economic outlook are raising concerns at City Hall and in Albany that lawmakers will have to deepen budget cuts or raise taxes to cushion an anticipated blow to city and state finances. Budget watch Read More

"Voters Back Millionaire's Tax 4-1" is how the Quinnipiac poll is rushing out news in respect of its finding on the scheme of the Assembly in Albany to raise taxes on the highest-earning New Yorkers. "Remember that old verse: 'Don't tax you; don't ta Read More


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