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"As the world has transformed and moved forward, it is only Albany that has stood still,” Spitzer said in his first State of the State address last year. But a year later, Albany seems as still as ever, paralyzed with the very maladies Spitzer r Read More

Dr. Vatsal Thakkar, a psychiatrist at New York University Medical Center, and his wife, a clinical psychologist, make a total of about $150,000 a year. Even so, the couple had to move farther up the West Side from West 72nd Street to find a larger ap Read More

Expect a lot of talk in Albany this election year about how New York's sky-high property taxes are sucking the lifeblood out of our economy, turning the Empire State into the Vampire State. But don't take any of it seriously until some brave polit Read More

For years, the Plainview water district -- like many other special districts across Long Island -- has offered free dental insurance that paid for the braces for children of employees as well as for part-time commissioners as part of its benefits pac Read More

The advice that Governor Spitzer is getting is that he should start hitting singles. After a year of humiliating strikeouts and bench-clearing brawls, the thinking is that the governor needs to rack up small accomplishments in order to rebuild confid Read More

As he girds for battle over next year's state budget, Gov. Spitzer should dig out his old campaign commercials for inspiration. Especially relevant is the spot where he laid out his "day one" to-do list, vowing to boost everything from the middle- Read More

If you ask most New Yorkers about GAAP-balanced budgets, four-year financial plans and the city’s emergency financial control board, you are likely to get only a blank stare. But any city resident who lived through the pain and tumult of the mid-19 Read More

After a 60-hour strike that halted subway and bus service in 2005, a state judge penalized the Transport Workers Union by taking away its most powerful money-raising tool: automatic collection of dues from members’ paychecks. The judge said the Read More

Envisioning a dramatically greater role for universities and colleges in the remedial education of secondary students, the Spitzer administration is planning to pump billions of additional dollars into the State University of New York and the rest of Read More

Oswego, NY – School aid in New York State could top more than $20 Billion for the first time. The State Board of Regents is proposing a nearly $2 Billion increase in school aid for the 2008-09 fiscal year. The Director of a conservative think Read More


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