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Envisioning a dramatically greater role for universities and colleges in the remedial education of secondary students, the Spitzer administration is planning to pump billions of additional dollars into the State University of New York and the rest of Read More

Oswego, NY – School aid in New York State could top more than $20 Billion for the first time. The State Board of Regents is proposing a nearly $2 Billion increase in school aid for the 2008-09 fiscal year. The Director of a conservative think Read More

Correction Appended In the largest successful organizing drive in New York City in half a century, 28,000 child care providers will join the city’s teachers’ union as the result of an overwhelmingly pro-union vote, state officials said yesterd Read More

Governor Spitzer is heading into his second year in office with much of his governing agenda paralyzed by his feud with Senate Republicans. After rounds of negotiations with Mr. Spitzer, lawmakers last night seemed to be preparing to go home from Read More

Whether Governor Spitzer succeeds in lowering the nation's heaviest tax burden will largely depend on his willingness to overhaul New York's public sector labor laws and risk a confrontation with unions, according to a new study. New York's high p Read More

Oct 4 (Reuters) - Connecticut rewarded its state and local employees with the highest pensions in the nation, paying an average of $28,344, which bested second-ranked Colorado by $548, a new study said on Thursday. The national average in 2006 was Read More

Connecticut had the highest pension payout for state and local government employees in 2006, with the average benefit per recipient at $28,344, for a total of $2.68 billion, according to an analysis of census data by the Empire Center for Public Poli Read More

A POLL conducted among Long Islanders has found substantial support for capping school taxes, which make up more than 60 percent of most tax bills. Fifty-five percent of Long Islanders back the idea of a cap, including 48 percent of people with ch Read More

ALBANY - Facing a projected $3.6 billion budget gap, the Spitzer administration expects to propose increasing spending next year "at no more than 5.3 percent." And that's before the Legislature gets hold of the spending proposal in an election yea Read More

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg has promoted himself as a model of fiscal restraint, issuing dire warnings about the slowing economy, recently asking agencies to limit hiring, and even listing “fiscal responsibility” as an interest on his MySpace page Read More

One afternoon late last week, a nurse manager at St. Vincent's Midtown Hospital walked into the sixth-floor medical and surgical ward looking for a fax machine. She found a nearly deserted hallway. "Oh, it's gone," Marva Smith, 55, said. She glanc Read More

NEARLY seven months into Eliot Spitzer's stay at the governor's mansion, the man who won 69 percent of the vote by declaring war on "the army of the status quo" is now leading it - boosting spending, cutting backroom deals and dressing up minor accom Read More


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