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NEARLY seven months into Eliot Spitzer's stay at the governor's mansion, the man who won 69 percent of the vote by declaring war on "the army of the status quo" is now leading it - boosting spending, cutting backroom deals and dressing up minor accom Read More

No sooner had a trial balloon been floated, in yesterday's Daily News, about replacing the state comptroller as the sole trustee of the state's $154 billion Common Retirement Fund than the entrenched interest in Albany started to fight back against t Read More

Dr. Scott Berlin has delivered close to 2,000 babies since 1994, but an increase in malpractice insurance rates announced this week prompted a decision to close up shop. The Long Island obstetrician will owe $190,000 in liability costs after the s Read More

MANHATTAN residents ac count for nearly a quarter of the state's income-tax collections, a figure that makes it clearer than ever that the city is the economic engine of the entire state. Figures from the state Department of Taxation & Finance Read More

ALBANY, June 22 — This time, Gov. Eliot Spitzer did not blink. In April, the governor was criticized even by fellow Democrats for cutting an overly generous deal with Senate Republicans, weakening his main proposals to pass a timely budget. T Read More

The average New York City family spends far more on health care than families in other parts of the country, a recent national study of medical costs shows. Annual health care spending for a typical family of four in New York enrolled in an employ Read More

Governor Spitzer's plan to attempt to link state spending to economic growth is getting a cold reaction from budget watchdog groups, which are urging Mr. Spitzer to set a more ambitious long-term goal of fiscal restraint. Mr. Spitzer said yesterda Read More

Gov. Eliot Spitzer said yesterday that he would start negotiations over next year’s budget in November, two months earlier than is traditional in Albany, arguing that an early start would allow more of the talks to be public and minimize the last-m Read More

Joseph Bruno has survived his share of grilling by reporters over the years, but nothing prepared him for the doozy of a question posed by a NY1 reporter last week. "Where would you cut spending, if you had to?" the reporter, Joshua Robin, asked t Read More

The winds of economic change are blowing: French voters want their country to be more like America - even as Eliot Spitzer seeks to reshape New York's economy into something very much resembling the failed French model. Spitzer wants to impose wha Read More


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