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The average New York City family spends far more on health care than families in other parts of the country, a recent national study of medical costs shows. Annual health care spending for a typical family of four in New York enrolled in an employ Read More

Governor Spitzer's plan to attempt to link state spending to economic growth is getting a cold reaction from budget watchdog groups, which are urging Mr. Spitzer to set a more ambitious long-term goal of fiscal restraint. Mr. Spitzer said yesterda Read More

Gov. Eliot Spitzer said yesterday that he would start negotiations over next year’s budget in November, two months earlier than is traditional in Albany, arguing that an early start would allow more of the talks to be public and minimize the last-m Read More

Joseph Bruno has survived his share of grilling by reporters over the years, but nothing prepared him for the doozy of a question posed by a NY1 reporter last week. "Where would you cut spending, if you had to?" the reporter, Joshua Robin, asked t Read More

The winds of economic change are blowing: French voters want their country to be more like America - even as Eliot Spitzer seeks to reshape New York's economy into something very much resembling the failed French model. Spitzer wants to impose wha Read More

ALBANY - New figures reveal that the tax burden for New Yorkers has never been higher. The combined federal, state and local tax bite on New York residents this year averages 37.1 percent of their income, according to the Manhattan Institute's Emp Read More

They don't call the Bay State "Taxachusetts" anymore. Massachusetts, once a rival to New York for the nation's highest combined state and local taxes, has taken a series of dramatic steps - from Medicaid reform to property-tax limits - aimed at re Read More

Governor Spitzer's aggressive effort to shore up his relationship with organized labor is threatening to erode his goodwill with business interests, which are responding with skepticism to his plan to create the state's first paid family leave progra Read More

New York state's enormous tax burden is fueled in part by a massive taxpayer-financed workforce that is second only to California in salaries, experts say. State and local governments in New York employ 1.19 million full-time work ers, with an ave Read More

New York's overall tax burden is the heaviest in the nation - a staggering $5,770 average for every man, woman and child, a new study found. Per-capita state and local taxes are 36 percent higher in New York compared with the national average of $ Read More


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