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Tired of defending an increasingly shrinking patch of land, New York Republicans have decided it's smarter to attack Governor Spitzer from the left than from the right. That's the sense one gets from talking with the new chairman of the state Repu Read More

ALBANY - State lawmakers would get automatic pay raises every four years, without having to take the politically risky vote to beef up their own paychecks, under a new bill Assembly Democrats are pushing. The Assembly is adopting Chief Judge Judit Read More

ALBANY — New York's new comptroller, whom Governor Spitzer accused of being "thoroughly and totally unqualified" for the job, pounded Mr. Spitzer's budget yesterday, saying in a report that it's plagued by the same "poor fiscal management practices Read More

New York State has the second-highest payroll for government employees in the nation, doling out $5.4 billion to city and state workers in March 2006, according to new data released yesterday by the Census Bureau. The salaries in New York State we Read More

State and local governments in New York employ more workers per capita than other big states, including neighboring New Jersey and Connecticut, according to data released yesterday by the Census Bureau. The bureau reported that there were 1,190,28 Read More

A new report showing that New York City has by far the heaviest tax burden of the nine largest American cities raises a question: Just what do New Yorkers get for paying all those taxes? The report, released by the city’s Independent Budget Offi Read More

THE new Democratic governor has proposed his first budget, calling for a significant increase in education spending for New York City and similarly needy school districts. Many suburban districts would get less aid. The mayor praises the governor’s Read More

Johnnie Nichols, a civilian Defense Department employee, contributes to a federal pension that will let him retire at age 56, after 32 years of service. His wife, Kimberly, a math teacher at a private business college, has no pension after two dec Read More

Albany — Michele Bulson of Troy was trapped in an abusive marriage and wanted to get out, but the disabled 37-year-old lives on a fixed income and couldn't afford a lawyer. Last year, thanks to help from The Legal Project, an Albany-area nonprof Read More

"If you're sick of high taxes and squalid schools and unaffordable health care, you should hope beyond hope that Spitzer wins." That was the morning line yesterday from William F. Hammond of the Daily News, a columnist who has no greater admirers Read More

Albany — Here's the dilemma: New York has one of the most generous Medicaid programs in the country. If you're poor and sick there are few places you're better off. And it spends vast sums on its program: $45 billion. $2,213 for every man, wo Read More

ALBANY - The man who could soon be in charge of the state's $145 billion pension fund has a lot to learn about managing money - he has little in the way of personal investments and doesn't do his own taxes. "I get them done," said 20-year Assembly Read More


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