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The game of the names | New York Daily News Editorial

Waaay back in January 2010, as part of a broad push to show taxpayers where the money goes, the Empire Center for Public Policy requested the names and pension payments of retired NYPD personnel. Despite using the state's legally enforceable Freedom of Information Law, Empire, and the public, is still waiting. [Read_more]

Mailers from elected officials are a waste of taxpayer money | The Post Star Editorial

According to the Empire Center — an independent, nonpartisan, nonprofit think tank based in Albany — the state Senate spends over $3 million in bulk postage, while the state Assembly spends approximately $2.7 million. That is almost double what it was from a year ago. [Read_more]

The access is there to see how much public employees make | Batavia Daily News Editorial

Once upon a time, anyone who wanted to know what local government employees were paid had to pick the right meeting to go to and hope the board didn’t go into executive session, or file a Freedom of Information Act request and wait. Enter the Empire Center for Public Policy. [Read_more]

Cynthia Nixon Would Double New York’s Budget. Is That a Good Thing? | The New York Times

“It’s beyond any increase we’ve ever seen,” said E. J. McMahon, the founder of the Empire Center for Public Policy, an Albany think tank that has been critical of state spending and tax policies. “When you put them all together, you’re taking an elevator to the International Space Station.” [Read_more]

Group expects NY school enrollment decline to continue | Associated Press

A fiscally conservative think tank says New York's public school enrollment continues to decline. The Empire Center reports that public school enrollment for the completed 2017-2018 school year was estimated at 2.6 million, or more than 15,000 down from the year before. [Read_more]

New York’s student population is on the decline | Albany Times Union

Students returning to school this week across New York state should have plenty of room and no problem finding a seat. That’s because enrollment numbers are expected to be at an all-time low since the early 1970s. [Read_more]
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