START-UP melts down by Kenneth Girardin | | NY Torch

START-UP NY lost almost as many new job commitments as it added during 2016, signaling the end may be near for the economic development program that Governor Andrew Cuomo once touted as “the greatest economic savior” for upstate New York.

Defund push misfires by Kenneth Girardin | | NY Torch

Calls to “defund” New York’s SAFE Act gun-control law have become standard fare during the budget process—but the goal is completely impractical.

‘Block-granting’ Medicaid by Bill Hammond | | Reports

Reform in the shape of a block grant would replace the current system of open-ended matching aid, which has been blamed for encouraging overspending and gamesmanship as some states sought to maximize their federal funding. A prime example of the phenomenon is New York, which operates one of the costliest Medicaid programs in the country.

Hyping Medicaid’s drug costs by Bill Hammond | | NY Torch

Thursday’s budget hearing raised an eye-opening fact about the impact of increasing pharmaceutical costs on New York’s Medicaid program: Rebates reduce the state’s bottom line by almost half.

Exploring NY’s top-heavy PIT base by E.J. McMahon | | Reports

Nearly two-thirds of New York State’s tax receipts are now generated by the personal income tax, or PIT, which relies disproportionately on the highest-earning one percent of New York taxpayers.

This paper presents charts and tables highlighting notable trends in state PIT data in light of proposals to extend or increase the state’s so-called “millionaire tax,” along with scheduled PIT rate reductions in tax brackets below the highest income levels.

Questioning Cuomo’s Rx on drugs by Bill Hammond | | NY Torch

A close look at Cuomo’s plan to contain prescription drug costs – which relies on heavy-handed price controls – raises doubts as to its fairness, effectiveness, workability, and even legality.

Heastie’s gazillionaire tax by E.J. McMahon | | NY Torch

When it comes to soaking the rich to pad the state budget, Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie won't be outdone by Governor Andrew Cuomo's "millionaire tax."
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