PPP perils | NY Torch

India's current plight shows why it's not a good idea for any local or state government in America to think it can depend on private-public partnerships to fund its infrastructure construction projects once it's out of municipal-borrowing capacity (o...

New York’s Non-Competitive Corporate Tax | NY Torch

In the letters section of today's Wall Street Journal, a Canadian takes aim at New York City's sky-high corporate tax burden: The effective combined U.S. federal, New York State and New York City tax rate of roughly 46% to 47% that corporations pay o...

Huh? | NY Torch

Addressing the possibility of mid-year cuts in school aid, which Senate leaders are pledging to avoid, Governor Paterson is quoted in today's Newsday as saying: "Seventy-one percent of the resources we spend on education are administrative. We can make a lot of cuts ... without touching the classroom or affecting teachers."
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