NJ unions lose clout in Trenton by Lise Bang-Jensen | | NY Torch

Democrats in the New Jersey Legislature--as well as the state's new Republican governor--are giving a cold shoulder to once powerful public employee unions. The unions, "long seen as a potent political force and often depicted as an 800-pound gorilla looming over the Statehouse, are running short..

Defusing New York’s Pension Bomb by E.J. McMahon | | Reports

This study shows how greater fairness for New York taxpayers and competitive retirement benefits for government employees can be achieved by switching from the current defined benefit (DB) pension plan to the savings-based defined contribution (DC) model used by the vast majority of private companies.

Legislators Still Aim to Sweeten Public Pensions by E.J. McMahon | | NY Torch

The employer share of pension contributions in New York has risen by more than $3 billion in the last five years, straining taxpayers throughout the state. Yet state legislators this year have passed dozens of bills—and introduced literally hundreds of others—that would further expand the already generous retirement benefits of government workers.
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