Tim Hoefer, Executive Director

Tim Hoefer is executive director of the Empire Center. In addition to managing all aspects of the Center's operations, Hoefer oversees its government transparency and public outreach projects. Hoefer joined the Empire Center in 2008. Read More

E.J. McMahon, Research Director

Edmund J. McMahon is the Empire Center's research director. His work focuses on improving New York’s economic competitiveness and promoting greater transparency, accountability and fiscal responsibility in state and local government. Read More

Bob DiCostanzo, Development Director

Bob DiCostanzo is the Empire Center's development director. In this role, he is responsible for all development, philanthropy, and outreach activities. Read More

Bill Hammond, Director of Health Policy

Bill tracks fast-moving developments in New York’s massive health care industry, with a focus on how decisions made in Albany and Washington affect the well-being of patients, providers, taxpayers and the state’s economy. Read More

Ken Girardin, Policy Analyst

Ken Girardin is the Empire Center’s policy analyst, performing detailed analysis of data and public policy in support of the Center’s research. Read More

Mark Walsh, Operations Manager

Mark Walsh is the Empire Center's operation's manager, managing all of Empire Center's daily activities. He was previously the data analyst, overseeing the Center’s transparency website, SeeThroughNY. Read More

Caitlin Gilligan, Communications Manager

Caitlin Gilligan manages Empire Center's digital presence as well as all press releases and press inquiries. Read More

Benjamin Sano, Research Analyst

Benjamin Sano is the Empire Center’s research analyst, running the Center’s government transparency website, SeeThroughNY, as well as aiding in analysis for other research projects. Read More

Meagan Fraser, Development Coordinator

Meagan Fraser serves as Empire Center's development coordinator, assisting the development director in donor research and development campaigns. Read More

Peter Murphy, Government Affairs

Peter Murphy handles government affairs at the Empire Center. Murphy has previously held various leadership roles in education reform organizations, most recently at the Invest in Education Foundation, and organization supports policies to provide access to quality school options for children. Read More