Obamacare growth slows in NY by Bill Hammond |  | NY Torch

The growth of Obamacare-related health coverage in New York slowed to 3 percent over the past year, as surging enrollment in the Essential Plan and Child Health Plus was offset by declining signups for commercial plans and Medicaid. [Read_more]

Bill would smash gov’t worker rights by Kenneth Girardin |  | NY Torch

Legislation introduced by the politically potent state Senate Independent Democratic Conference (IDC) with Republican support would scrap a decades-old worker protection and make it more difficult for government employees to change their mind about paying dues to a labor union. [Read_more]

Tax Cap = Budget OKs by Kenneth Girardin |  | NY Torch

The tax cap effect was on full display in yesterday’s school budget voting.

School budgets were approved at a record-high rate of 99.3 percent, adding to evidence that districts can live within a property tax cap set at either 2 percent or the prior year’s average rate of inflation, whichever is less. [Read_more]

Why Albany needs a CBO by Bill Hammond |  | NY Torch

The House GOP is a model of cautious deliberation next to the Assembly’s handling of the New York Health Act, which would establish a statewide single-payer plan. [Read_more]

Cuomo’s self-serving SEQR streamline by Kenneth Girardin |  | NY Torch

The Cuomo administration has proposed modifications to the State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQR), which has long hindered growth and development in New York State.

While the changes under consideration by the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) would represent at least one important step in a pro-growth direction, the proposed tweaks to SEQR would also clear a smoother path for key Cuomo priorities, such as the development of vast solar panel farms and wind turbine installations required by the governor’s renewable energy push. And in some other respects, the proposed SEQR changes would create even more development red tape. [Read_more]

How AHCA affects NY’s Essential Plan by Bill Hammond |  | NY Torch

What would happen to New York’s popular Essential Plan under the House Republican health bill? The answer, like so much in health policy, turns out to be more complicated than previously understood. [Read_more]

NY’s economy behind US pace by E.J. McMahon |  | NY Torch

New York had one of the nation's slowest-growing state economies last year, according to the latest Gross Domestic Product (GDP) estimates from the federal Bureau of Economic Affairs. [Read_more]

How AHCA 2.0 would affect NY by Bill Hammond |  | NY Torch

Recent amendments to the House Republican health plan, which is heading to a potential vote this week, have done little to improve it from New York’s point of view. [Read_more]

R.I.P., insurance mandate relief by Bill Hammond |  | NY Torch

With a line-item veto last week, Governor Cuomo put a last nail in the coffin of a good idea that was never given a chance by Albany: analyzing the costs and benefits of health insurance mandates before passing them into law.


First take on the Trump tax plan by E.J. McMahon |  | NY Torch

From a New York perspective, the proposed repeal of itemized deductions for state and local tax payments was the (expected) headline item in the rough outline of a tax reform presented in Washington today by Trump administration officials. [Read_more]

NY to keep longer ACA signup by Bill Hammond |  | NY Torch

New York is planning to demur from some of the Trump administration’s rule changes for Obamacare, including its much shorter enrollment window. [Read_more]
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