Labor strikes UI gold by Ken Girardin |  | NY Torch

Governor Andrew Cuomo and legislative leaders have reached a deal allowing striking workers to collect unemployment insurance benefits after three weeks, a big gift to private-sector labor unions that would further discourage companies from hiring and investing here. [Read_more]

Pre-budget, state’s ahead in cash by E.J. McMahon |  | NY Torch

Thanks to a strong third quarter, New York's state tax receipts through December were running $1.3 billion ahead of projections for the fiscal year that ends March 31, according to the latest monthly cash report from state Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli. [Read_more]

Labor giveaway hits the trail by Ken Girardin |  | NY Torch

A dispute over the construction contract for a stretch of proposed state-funded public walking and biking trail in Central New York shows how far Governor Andrew Cuomo will go to steer state contracts to construction unions—and how much that’s costing taxpayers. [Read_more]

NY GDP lagged in Q3 2019 by E.J. McMahon |  | NY Torch

Capping a week in which Governor Cuomo touted his "successful economic agenda," newly released federal estimates show New York's economy barely grew at all during the third quarter of 2019, ranking near the bottom of a 50-state list. [Read_more]

Putting a Medicaid cut in context by Bill Hammond |  | NY Torch

In the coming skirmish over how to close a multi-billion-dollar deficit in the Medicaid program, New Yorkers can expect a lot of misleading claims and half-truths from the health-care industry.

A case in point is a Jan. 6 letter signed by 23 provider groups – representing hospitals, nursing homes, pharmacies, physicians and more – which calls for Governor Cuomo to reverse the 1 percent cut to most Medicaid fees that his administration announced on New Year's Eve. [Read_more]

The birth of a Medicaid deficit by Bill Hammond |  | NY Torch

The cash flow of New York’s Medicaid program has become increasingly volatile in recent years, a byproduct of questionable fiscal maneuvers that spawned the current $4 billion deficit. [Read_more]

Cuomo orders 1% cut to Medicaid by Bill Hammond |  | NY Torch

The ball in Times Square isn't the only thing dropping on New Year's Eve: The state Health Department also announced a 1 percent reduction in most Medicaid payments. [Read_more]

Pols design-build a giveaway by Ken Girardin |  | NY Torch

A bill allowing New York City agencies to construct projects using the “design-build” procurement method would come with a big string attached. [Read_more]

Cuomo’s high-speed flail by E.J. McMahon |  | NY Torch

In his continuing effort to fill a slow-news holiday period with advance proposals from his upcoming 2020 State of the State message, Governor Cuomo today dusted off one of Albany's creakiest bipartisan infrastructure fantasies: high-speed passenger rail service. [Read_more]

SeeThroughNY’s Top 2019 Releases | NY Torch

Our MTA payroll summary was only the second most-viewed SeeThroughNY news release of 2019. To find out which of  transparency postings got the most attention this year, scroll through the list of the 2019 Top 10 SeeThroughNY press releases. [Read_more]

Feds extend union safeguards by Ken Girardin |  | NY Torch

A proposed rule under consideration by the U.S. Department of Labor would have the unexpected benefit of letting more New York public employees see how their union dues are spent—and negating a major union’s recent move to escape federal oversight. [Read_more]

Getting real on Rx costs by Bill Hammond |  | NY Torch

Governor Cuomo says that controlling the cost of prescription drugs will be part of his agenda in 2020. Four bills currently awaiting his signature or veto give him a chance to get started on that promise in 2019. [Read_more]