Of politics and breast cancer by Bill Hammond |  | NY Torch

State legislators have taken their mania for insurance mandates to a new extreme: They’ve passed a bill that arguably accomplishes nothing other than covering unnecessary mammograms. [Read_more]

Thinking through an IVF mandate by Bill Hammond |  | NY Torch

Before voting to mandate insurance coverage for in vitro fertilization, state lawmakers should think through what such a rule would accomplish, how much it would cost, and who would pay the bill. [Read_more]

NY schools spend $21,206 per pupil by E.J. McMahon |  | NY Torch

New York's public schools spent $21,206 per pupil in the 2014-15 school year, topping all states and exceeding the national average by 86 percent, according to U.S. Census Bureau data released today. [Read_more]

Why NY premiums are spiking by Bill Hammond |  | NY Torch

The double-digit premium hikes looming for non-group health insurance consumers in New York appear to be driven more by state and federal government policy than by the underlying cost of medical care. [Read_more]

Music, gaming payola on tap again by E.J. McMahon |  | NY Torch

Having just extended nearly $1.3 billion in tax-funded giveaways to wealthy film and TV producers, New York lawmakers are ready to throw even more money at the entertainment industry. [Read_more]

Flanagan would reduce nuke subsidies by Kenneth Girardin |  | NY Torch

Governor Andrew Cuomo’s massive ratepayer subsidy of aging upstate nuclear power plants would be significantly modified under a bill just introduced by Senate Republican Leader John Flanagan. [Read_more]

DFS rule drives premium hikes by Bill Hammond |  | NY Torch

As health plans across the state announce their requested premium increases for 2018, the Cuomo administration’s policy decisions are taking more blame than the turmoil in Washington. [Read_more]

Questioning Cuomo’s resistance Rx by Bill Hammond |  | NY Torch

There are plenty of reasons for New Yorkers to be leery of the House Republican health plan, but Governor Andrew Cuomo’s gestures of resistance on Monday raise several objections [Read_more]

NY’s fiscal picture a bit murkier by E.J. McMahon |  | NY Torch

New York State's fiscal outlook appears to have deteriorated in the past three months, based on an initial review of the financial plan update released late today by Governor Cuomo's Division of the Budget (DOB). [Read_more]

Old vs. young in NY under AHCA by Bill Hammond |  | NY Torch

Thanks to New York’s unusual insurance laws, the impact of the House GOP health plan on the state’s non-group insurance market would be dramatically different than than virtually anywhere else. [Read_more]

Obamacare growth slows in NY by Bill Hammond |  | NY Torch

The growth of Obamacare-related health coverage in New York slowed to 3 percent over the past year, as surging enrollment in the Essential Plan and Child Health Plus was offset by declining signups for commercial plans and Medicaid. [Read_more]