Month: December 2008

For years, the Plainview water district -- like many other special districts across Long Island -- has offered free dental insurance that paid for the braces for children of employees as well as for part-time commissioners as part of its benefits pac Read More

Expect a lot of talk in Albany this election year about how New York's sky-high property taxes are sucking the lifeblood out of our economy, turning the Empire State into the Vampire State. But don't take any of it seriously until some brave polit Read More

Dr. Vatsal Thakkar, a psychiatrist at New York University Medical Center, and his wife, a clinical psychologist, make a total of about $150,000 a year. Even so, the couple had to move farther up the West Side from West 72nd Street to find a larger ap Read More

Sen. Hillary Clinton is running for president, in part, on a platform that calls for more government health care. So let's ask a question that may hit a little too close to home: Why does New York spend more on Medicaid—a health-care program for the poor—than every other state but still have a larger portion of its population walking around without health insurance than states that spend far less? Read More

Gov. Spitzer's second annual State of the State message yesterday featured what may ultimately stand out as his Nixon-goes-to-China moment. Annoying a powerful ally - and embracing a concept he had rejected during the 2006 gubernatorial campaign - Spitzer said he would form a special commission to recommend a "fair and effective cap" on school taxes in New York. Read More