Month: March 2011

Gov. Cuomo yesterday condemned the entire state budget process as a scam ginned up by special interests that added as much as $9 billion to the deficit before anyone - the governor included - laid a hand on the upcoming spending plan. The proposal Read More

The state Senate on Monday approved a property-tax cap, despite strong objections from schools and local governments who warned that the measure would cripple their programs and budgets. The Republican-led Senate passed Gov. Andrew Cuomo's bill to Read More

The extraordinarily radical budget Gov. Andrew Cuomo proposed yesterday--an actual reduction in state spending for the first time in a decade and an end of automatic, legislatively mandated increases in spending--would not have been possible without Read More

Shrieks echoed through the Capitol yesterday as Gov. Cuomo unleashed a $133 billion hack-and-slash spending plan that would subject schools, hospitals and the state workforce to some of the deepest cuts in recent memory and spare virtually no aspect Read More

.J. McMahon, a budet expert with the business-backed Manhattan institute, said eliminating the formulas was indeed a shock to the Albany system, but the rest of Cuomo's budget was not extraordinary. The elimination of those automatic cost increase Read More

We'll be talking about classroom cuts and threatened hospital closures as Gov. Andrew Cuomo builds the case for his budget over the coming months, but not whether you should be able to buy wine in grocery stores. Or will we? The proposal, inclu Read More