Month: May 2019

William Hammond, director of health policy at the Empire Center for Public Policy, an Albany think tank, said if staffing ratios are imposed on hospitals, it would likely lead to "vast amounts of overtime" paid to nurses as their employers struggle to comply with the mandate at a time when nurses are already in short supply in the labor market. Read More

The cost of New York’s Medicaid program has been growing exponentially. According to a recent report from the Empire Center, Medicaid costs in New York went from $62.6 billion in 2016, to an expected $74.5 billion in 2020, an increase of more than 20%. This same report found that New York’s Medicaid per-capita spending was 79% higher than the national average. Read More

It has been repeatedly documented by internal MTA, the MTA inspector general, state comptroller, Citizens Budget Commission, Empire Center for Public Policy audits and reports, along with numerous newspaper stories. Read More

“It can be a kind of gamesmanship where one side or another sees an advantage in delay or hurrying things up,” said Bill Hammond, director of health policy for the Empire Center. Cuomo often signals to legislative leaders which bills he’d sign and when he’d like to have bills called up to his desk. “There are also under-the breath-signals: ‘If you send me that, I’m not going to sign it,’” said E.J. MacMahon, research director of the Empire Center. Read More

The revelations come as several agencies, including federal and Queens prosecutors, continue to investigate potential overtime abuse among LIRR workers. The concerns of fraud stem from an April report by the Empire Center for Public Policy that revealed alarmingly high overtime rates among some workers. The MTA paid $418 million in overtime in 2018, up 16% from the previous year. Read More

A policy seminar titled Medicaid Migraine, held Wednesday by the fiscal watchdog group the Empire Center as part of the Gov. Hugh L. Carey Policy Forum, addressed the rapidly increasing health care costs in New York that led to Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s budget office delaying a $1.7 billion payment to providers last year. Read More

“Postponing more payment would only make a bad situation worse,” said Bill Hammond, director of health policy at the fiscally conservative Empire Center think tank. “On a per capita basis, New York’s Medicaid program is already the costliest in the country. Last year, the state-funded portion of the program ran 8 percent over budget, and officials don’t seem to have a good handle on how they can slow things down.” Read More


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