Emily D'Vertola

Education Policy Analyst

Emily D\’Vertola joined the Empire Center as an Education Policy Analyst in August of 2022 after obtaining an MSc in Social and Policy Sciences from Ulster University, Northern Ireland. Her research focused on global comparative education policy/pedagogy, high-stakes testing, funding formulas, and the impact of choice. She holds a BSc in International Business from Cabrini University, and a data-science certification in R from Harvard University.

Emily’s passion for improving the educational landscape comes from her own schooling background and experience with families. She was a member of the first graduating class who went K-12 at a grassroots, nonprofit, public charter school in Pennsylvania. She witnessed first-hand what is possible for schools when they are free to operate effectively, and what is possible for students of all backgrounds when they are free to exercise choice.

She loves spending time with her big extended family, putting her own spin on their traditional recipes, taking and teaching ballet, and being outside with a good book or podcast. Her favorite authors include Thomas Sowell, Stephen M Barr, and Madeleine L’Engle.

  • Ext: 711

Latest Work

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