New York Set to Spend $5,565—Per Second

by Caitlin Gilligan |  | Press Releases

The Empire Center has updated its online Spend-O-Meter to reflect the record size of New York’s newly enacted $175.5 billion budget for fiscal 2020.

As of April 1, the fast-spinning Spend-O-Meter shows, the state government is spending at a rate equivalent to:

  • $5,565 per second,
  • $333,904 per minute,
  • $480,821,971 per day,
  • $3,375,000,000 per week, and
  • $14,625,000,000 per month.

New York’s All Funds budget, which includes revenues from both state and federal sources, has more than doubled since fiscal year 1988, when the state spent $85.7 billion (in 2018 dollars).

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