Two New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) plumbers each collected over $200,000 in overtime during New York City’s 2020 fiscal year ending June 30, according to payroll data added today to, the Empire Center’s government transparency website.

Robert Procida, a Bronx-based NYCHA Supervisor Plumber, collected $215,022 in overtime and total pay of $322,120. Jose Ortiz, a Supervisor Plumber in Queens, received $214,248 in overtime, bringing his total pay to $320,737.

Overtime at NYCHA was up 45 percent over 2019, from $96 million to $138 million. The City overall spent $1.96 billion on overtime, up 4 percent. The Police Department accounted for 41 percent of overtime spending ($813 million), up almost 11 percent.

Procida and Ortiz were two of 25 City employees who were paid over $300,000. A total of 2,591 City employees were paid over $200,000. The city’s three highest-paid employees each collected over $200,000 in “other pay,” which may reflect legal settlements to former employees. The largest payment, $650,000, went to former NYPD Supervisor of School Security Jose Morales.

The City’s total payroll, searchable here, last year grew 2.9 percent to $30.4 billion.


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