Rank your property taxes against what other New Yorkers pay

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A new tool created from the Empire Center for Public Policy lets taxpayers figure how their school and government property taxes compare with other parts of New York.

The BenchmarkingNY tool allows you to quickly compare property tax rates and estimates across the state. For example, the tool estimates the taxes on a $100,000 house across Upstate in 2012: $2,774 in Buffalo, $3,275 in Syracuse, and $3,818 in Rochester.

You can also see taxes per capita by city. White Plains ranks No. 1 at $1,832 and Salamanca is last at $314. Oswego is No. 7 at $1,082 and Fulton is No. 9 at $1,054.

The site also has information on school budgets and taxes.

“With school budget votes just two weeks away, its important for voters to understand what their tax rates are and how that rate relates to what others in their region and in the state are paying,” said Empire Center director Tim Hoefer in a news release. “BenchmarkingNY makes it easy for taxpayers to make those comparisons.”….

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