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Days after saddling New York employers with higher minimum wages and the nation's most generous paid family leave mandate, Governor Andrew Cuomo and legislative leaders announced in early April that they had formed a temporary Business Regulation Council to come up with ideas for improving the business climate. The panel's recommendations are, to virtually no one's surprise, underwhelming. Read More

It has taken a lot longer than a proverbial New York minute. As CBS2’s Tony Aiello reported, a company called Valutek promised in 2011 to relocate to upstate New York from Arizona. The state even spent millions of dollars on ads bragging about luring the high-tech firm. But five years later, Valutek still has not moved. CBS2’s Aiello was demanding answers Wednesday as to why. Read More

Seven years since the end of the Great Recession, and five years since Andrew Cuomo took office as governor, New York state’s economy is in splendid shape. That’s what the state’s ubiquitous “Open for Business” ad campaign would imply, at any rate. The facts tell a different story. Read More