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As reported in today's Wall Street Journal, the state may re-enter the short-term credit markets for the first time in two decades in order to cover a cash shortfall in June. The possibility was first raised in a forum at the Rockefeller Institute... Read More

The outlook for a timely and fiscally responsible New York State budget is as poor as it has ever been at this point in a fiscal year that ends March 31. [caption id="attachment_2489" align="alignright" width="178" caption="We like NY's proactiv Read More

Lt. Gov. Richard Ravitch today formally released his for achieving structural budget balance, including a proposal to authorize roughly $6 billion in "transitional borrowing" to help close projected budget gaps over the next three years.  The borro Read More

Encima Global president -- and economist -- David Malpass has some incisive up on the firm's website that relate well to municipal finance and "too big to fail." Slide #16 shows the growth in state and local government spending as a percentage o Read More

The Municipal Market Advisors research firm expects "record municipal borrowing of up to $450 billion in 2010," largely because of "the generous subsidy" offered by the federal government as part of the Obama administration's spring 2009 stimulus pl Read More

The Senate today also passed the so-called previously approved by the Assembly and backed by Governor Paterson--complete with a form of super card-check for unions seeking to organize authority-sponsored hotel and convention center development projec Read More

What does a tiny Arab emirate have in common with the NBA's worst team, which currently plays in New Jersey?  And why should the answer matter to a taxpayer in Buffalo or Syracuse?  Nicole in today's New York Post. Read More

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